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The University of Barstow California is among the top-notch accredited universities following an online education system, around the world. Studying in an online course management system is flexible and affordable and the students have the option to choose from their field from any available accredited online degree program. Get the right education, follow your passion and prepare for your future with UOBC, the world-class university of online course management. Choosing the University of Barstow is the best decision for your academic journey as we are one of the top-tier online universities in the world. At UOBC during an accredited online degree program and online learning course, learners study liberal arts, business, education, and other popular subjects. These accredited online university programs provide academic standards with great flexibility.

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Do what you love and become who you wish to be. At our world-class university, study with the finest faculty and get support
from us to get through your educational phase.
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UOBC is committed to excel in all forms of research. Our research is changing the world for the better. Through global partnerships and
using our state-of-the-art facilities, our researchers are addressing some of today's biggest challenges

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UOBC is a globally recognized institution that welcomes students from all backgrounds and ensures that this diversity helps in the progress of the nation and for an individual itself too.

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UOBC's courses have been carefully designed and taught by experienced industry experts and are recognized for their rigorous academic material,
high-caliber instruction and commitment to advancing the industries that they serve.

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