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Accreditation &

Our international & regional accreditation verifies the quality of Barstow's International degree

Accreditation bodies are responsible to evaluate the quality of education that is being delivered in educational institutions. Each year accreditation bodies; both international and regional measure the standard of education of the University of Barstow California.

Each school at UOBC offers various accredited degree programs, certifications, and diplomas that are designed keeping the current trends and quality standards in mind. Our students can use their accredited degrees for global opportunities and benefit themselves with an international career path.




Education is diverse. While many students have their list of factors like cost and location when choosing their university of choice, many may wonder about accreditation. Why is accreditation important? Simply, it means that what the institution says it will offer is the truth. It is an unbiased review that adds to the credibility.

Universities are usually accredited by international and regional accrediting bodies. The primary goal of accreditation is to ensure that institutes of higher education are credible and provide quality education.

This helps to give an unbiased review of the university’s offering so students can trust, they receive what they are promised from an institution.


Accreditation & Institutional Recognition

UOBC's courses have been carefully designed and taught by experienced industry experts and are recognized for their rigorous academic material,
high-caliber instruction and commitment to advancing the industries that they serve.

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