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The University Of Barstow’s career center engages students and alumni in determining what is meaningful and valuable in their lives and applying it to careers. Its mission is to enhance individual resourcefulness and responsibility in career development.

University Career Services offers students and UOBC’s alumni resources and assistance in the formulation and implementation of their career plans.

The University Of Barstow’s students and graduates represent a large and diverse pool of talented job candidates. UOBC’s Career Center provides opportunities for potential employers to find the best and brightest across all disciplines for their respective organizations.



UOBC conducts virtual job fairs where employers from different regions are invited. These job fairs are mean to broaden the horizon of students in terms of job hunting. We consider this our prime responsibility to ease our student’s life as much as possible.


UOBC is a professional institution that assists students in their job interviews. We conduct mock virtual interviews with our students so that they prepare themselves for their upcoming interviews. UOBC career center provides global opportunities where employers also conduct interviews virtually.


We have enhanced our digital reputation by providing you the best placement opportunities in the job market. Our representatives regularly posts our students’ professional resumes and CV’s on digital platforms to make sure they get attractive job offers.


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Career-Planning “TO-DO LIST”

Get to know yourself and how you relate to the world of work. Explore your interests, values, and abilities. Organize yourself by creating your career-planning to-do list. Here are possible options on how you can go about creating your list.

Build your network

Cultivate relationships with your professors, classmates, potential employers. Connect with UOBC's alumni through the Career Advice Network. In addition, join professional associations and attend conferences in your field of interest.

Find a mentor

As you connect and meet other professionals, identify mentors who can provide career guidance. Your mentor(s) may help open doors once you embark on your job search.

Investigate industry trends

Identify key skills and experiences you need to develop to stay competitive in the job market. Find opportunities to develop these skills and experiences as a student. Explore more about the industry trends you wish to step into.

Attend professional events and conferences

UOBC’s Career Center workshops for students include discussions on interviewing strategies, job search strategies, LinkedIn/networking, resume and cover letter writing etc. UOBC often hold conferences on both national and international level. We have long-term experience in conducting successful events and conferences.

Polish Your Digital Presence

UOBC’s career center recognizes the importance of how necessary it is to adapt to the changes in the digital world. We foster the students to polish their digital presence and give them tips on how to make the use of digitalization beneficial for them.

Continue Learning & Skill Building

UOBC believes in continuous improvement and also pushes its students to always strive for better. Learning never ends, and thus so you should never miss out on opportunities that can add to your learning experience.

Accreditation & Institutional Recognition

UOBC's courses have been carefully designed and taught by experienced industry experts and are recognized for their rigorous academic material,
high-caliber instruction and commitment to advancing the industries that they serve.

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