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Transfer Your Credits in UOBC and Pace Up your Degree

UOBC recognizes your previously earned credits and provides you with the facility of credit transfer. You may have studied a course earlier which you wish to exempt from your course list now, to save your time and money. UOBC not just facilitates study credit transfer, but also allows you to transform your on-job practical experience into credits and get exemptions. This facility will help you pace up your degree and also give you monetary benefits; you wouldn’t have to pay for a course you have already studied or have sufficient relevant knowledge about.

The University Grants Credit For



Complete Advisory & Support

Have our enrollment advisors review your transcripts and experience and get an estimation of potential credits you can receive.

Professional Learning Evaluations

If your professional training is covered under any of the following areas you may get it evaluated and transfer your credits now: Corporate training, certifications, Industry learning, apprenticeship, professional license, and technical courses.

Life Experience Evaluation

To get your life experience evaluated for credit, submit an experiential essay on one of the following approved topics: Arts and Humanities, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary-electives, Legal & Law, and Science & technology.

Accreditation & Institutional Recognition

UOBC's courses have been carefully designed and taught by experienced industry experts and are recognized for their rigorous academic material,
high-caliber instruction and commitment to advancing the industries that they serve.

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