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Partner With Progressive Employers

  • 27 Jan 2021

The University of Barstow California is proud to partner with many progressive employers and as a result, those students who wants to pursue their education at UOBC can be provided employment. The University of Barstow California is willing to partner with organizations that are ready to hire students that are pursuing education whilst supporting themselves and their dependents. UOBC offers flexibility and paves pathways for the students to study and work without any burden. They can easily fulfill their responsibilities and achieve academic goals while earning for their families and serving their communities. UOBC remains committed to providing flexible and manageable ways so that learners can get the quality education and earn valuable degree while keeping the focus on the most important factors of life too.

The initiative of conducting online session has helped more than 25 firms to join hands with us to facilitate students with their studies without restricting them to work and earn. This year the number of firms was exponentially increased to 40 which includes many renowned multinational firms. UOBC is looking forward to more firms joining this great initiative and supporting students.


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