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Science for A
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  • 21 DEC 2020

New free virtual event, UOBC’s Science Festival, offers science learning, exploration and discovery for all.

Expanding digital access has always been a goal of the university, and given current circumstances, it is now more crucial than ever to engage the curious public and to connect communities.

UOBC is proud to announce its Virtual Science Festival. From March 16 to March 26, this online festival will feature a series of events designed to open your mind and expand perspectives about how science is working to change the world.

“Those of us who have the good fortune of teaching and exploring ideas of great beauty and impact have a brand new opportunity” said Paul, dean of the College of Natural Sciences. “We have the chance to connect what we do — our exciting science, mathematics and computing — to the lives and imaginations of the people ultimately served by the university’s innovations and discoveries.”

From science enthusiasts to people who know nothing about science but are eager to learn more, one and all are invited. Attendees get to log in to phenomenal talks from top university researchers and students and to participate in interactive science demos and events.


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