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The Power Of The Park


  • 07 OCT 2020

How green spaces have served as sanctuaries. Longtime advocates for public parks, four UOBC alumni discuss how urban and suburban green spaces have served as sanctuaries during the pandemic — although access to them is not always equitable.

The health benefits of nature are as myriad as they are well established. Study after study has demonstrated a dizzying array of benefits to being in parks, green spaces, forests, and the great outdoors: better mental health, improved brain development in children and brain function in adults, lowered risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, and a general reduction in mortality. A much-cited 1984 study published in Science found that surgical patients who could see trees from their hospital beds recovered faster than those who could not.

In the middle of a global health crisis, the healing role of nature, especially in densely populated cities, has become even clearer.

‘Environmental justice communities have been talking about this issue of parks equity for a really long time. This year it came onto the scene in a major way. It feels like every other webinar in the parks world is about park equity and tree canopy cover equity.” Says Simon Tailor one of our leading researcher.


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